1. Who are the children?

The children under our supervision are like most children in your community.  They come from diverse backgrounds with ages ranging from birth to eighteen years.  The majority of our children are of African American and Latino heritage.  These children may be members of a sibling group, teenagers or may have special medical needs.

2. What is the role of a resource (foster or adoptive) parent?

Resource parents provide a temporary and supportive home for children who are in out-of- home care. The resource parent works closely with the social worker and birth parent(s) toward family reunification. However, in the event that reunification is not possible, the resource parent is encouraged to provide permanence such as adoption.

3. How do I become a foster parent?

To become a resource parent you are required to do the following:

Attend a DCFS pre-service orientation
Obtain a Foster Care License from the State of California
Attend pre-service training PS-MAPP
Complete a family assessment home study
Obtain approval from DCFS for placement of children

4. Can I afford to do this?

There is no cost to foster or adopt a child and a monthly reimbursement is provided to assist with the cost of rearing a child.

5. What if my foster child gets sick?

Medical and dental coverage is provided through the Medi-Cal program.

6. Can I still work?

Yes, as long a you arrange for appropriate supervision when you are at work.

 7. Are there age limits?

You must be (18) eighteen years of age or older to be a resource parent

SPECIAL NOTE: We are in particular need of resource families that can provide homes for teens; that have enough room to allow siblings to stay together, homes that may be used on an emergency shelter care basis, and adoptive homes for children that cannot be returned to their family.

8. What are my options in terms of permanency?

In the event that the child can not safely return to his/her birth parents you, (the resource parent), have the choice to adopt, or become a legal guardian.

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